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Cologne 2018 - Showtime

Saturday 3rd saw a directors’ meeting take place, whilst the three-man set-up team walked to the exhibition halls to begin the task of setting up the stand. It was a full and long but productive day.

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Cologne 2018 - Getting to the show

For all our careful thought and planning in the lead up, it was to be something entirely out of our control that, at the eleventh hour began to threaten our presence

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Rapid Continuous Improvement Continues

During the week of January 29th, Norbar held their second Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) event.

Once again, this involved 4 cross functional teams, each given a set of objectives to resolve and improve key processes across the product range.

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Calibration Laboratory Training

My training at Norbar Banbury took place in 2 stages. The first part enlightened me to the operation of a world-class calibration laboratory. Having picked up these good laboratory practices, they were immediately put to use upon returning to the Singapore Laboratory.

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Careers Open Evening 2018 Review

We had our annual Careers Engineering Open Evening Thursday and despite less take up than normal, we had 100% turnout of those who said they would attend.

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Review of 2017

2017 was expected to be a year of consolidation, Norbar having moved into our fabulous new premises in July 2016.  We had plenty of work to do in getting to grips with our new property, getting the best out of it and making it pay for itself.  However, the quiet year was not to be.  Read to May to find out why!

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Rapid Continuous Improvement – A change for the better

So, what does Rapid Continuous Improvement mean and how do you go about holding an RCI event?

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Our Rail Infrastructure

Did you know, that there are 1.718 billion train journeys taken every year in the UK?! Those trips are taken on 10,072 miles of track that link the 2,563 different stations spread across the UK. That, by any standards, is quite some infrastructure, and unsurprisingly it demands a great deal of installation and maintenance.

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More than the extra mile… an insight into running marathons and more…

I feel there are a lot of similarities between my work and running. I like pressure, a challenge, and the goals are the same. Namely, when I start a job or a run, my aim is to finish to the best of my ability. Subsequently, I put everything into the task ahead with the ultimate goal of finishing and doing a good job – with no regrets. I enjoy pushing myself to see what I can achieve.

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Why Live Chat?

So, what do we mean by live chat? Well, it’s an app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website via a pop up window. In their simplest form they can be free and for more tailored and branded versions there is a monthly fee.

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