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As we reached the end of 2019, I wonder how many people have said to me something along the lines of “where did that year go”?  And yet, once again, as I look back over the year, I am astonished by how much has been achieved.Here are some of my highlights from “a year in torque”.Quarter OneThe quarter started with something to celebrate: we learnt that December 2019 had been our best month of factory output ever and the fact that this happened in December when w...
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The Power of the Brand

05 Nov, 2019 |
We at Norbar all understand what it is we are part of, however, how we are perceived by the outside world is so often blurred by the bubble we exist in.As someone working in the full view of the general public, I believe that it is important to be seen as part on the Norbar family and therefore I am proud to wear branded clothing.On two occasions recently I have been stopped by members of the public who, recognising the Norbar name, told me of their experiences.The first was an elderly gentleman...
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This year Norbar joins Husum Wind for the first time in the North of Germany.The Husum Wind has a long history in the Wind Industry Market. This year was the 30th anniversary of this show.The first “Husum Wind Energy Days” took place in a livestock auction hall in 1989, back when hardly anyone anywhere in the world was taking wind energy seriously as an economic factor.It soon became obvious that this town on the windy North Sea had the potential to become a leading exhibition centre...
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Torque & Angle Explained

25 Sep, 2019 |
If we asked a handful of maintenance engineers what exactly they are trying to achieve when they tighten a bolt, it’s likely that we’d receive a wide range of answers.Strictly speaking, when we tighten bolts, we’re trying to stretch the bolt enough so that the elastic tension within it clamps the assembly together. That’s right – it’s one that’s easier done than said!In a perfect world we would always recommend measuring the tension in the bolt, as oppos...
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Careers Encounters

27 Aug, 2019 |
Experiencing a successful engineering business - right on our doorstep!As part of their career’s encounters and experiences curriculum, year 6 pupils visited Norbar Headquarters in Banbury to get a glimpse into how an engineering organisation is run.We planned sessions that focused on three areas: Design engineering and marketing; quality control; and maintenance engineering. Linked to the year 6 curriculum, sessions were skilfully designed to incorporate geometry, ratios and electricity.D...
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Introduction to Torque Part 5

02 Jul, 2019 |
Torque Conversion FactorsThe below formulas and information provide guidance on different conversion factors e.g. the effect of torque wrench extensions.  Units to be converted S.I. Units Imperial Units Metric Units cN·m N·m ozf·in lbf·in lbf·ft Kgf·cm Kgf·m 1 cN·m = 1 0.01 1.416 0.088 0.007 ...
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Introduction to Torque Part 4

31 May, 2019 |
Recommended Maximum Torque ValuesThe information supplied here is intended to be an acceptable guide for normal conditions. For critical applications, further information and research will be necessary. The following basic assumptions have been made:a. Bolts are new, standard finish, uncoated and not lubricated (other than the normal protective oil film)b. The load will be 90% of the bolt yield strengthc. The coefficient of friction is 0.14d. The final tightening sequence is achieved smoothly an...
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Introduction to Torque Part 3

30 Apr, 2019 |
Tightening to YieldBolts tightened to yield provide consistently higher preloads from smaller diameter bolts. The reduced fastener stiffness reduces the fatigue loading to which the bolt is subjected under repeated external load reversals, e.g. cylinder heads and connecting rods.In theory, a bolt tightened to its yield point will provide the strongest and most fatigue-resistant joint possible, within the physical limitations of the bolt material and manufacturing process.The downside of this met...
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Well done Arron & Joe!Last Thursday we attended the Engineering Trust Annual Apprentice Awards Evening 2019.Well done to Arron Moore who was nominated and runner up in the 3rd year apprentice nominations.Arron was nominated because he set out to achieve the highest results both at college and his work evidencing his company training plan and NVQ3 qualification.His assessor said ‘he must be one of the very few apprentices whom I’ve told to produce less detailed log book entries&rd...
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Introduction to Torque Part 2

08 Apr, 2019 |
Friction in the Bolted JointWhen a threaded fastener is tightened, the induced tension results in friction under the head of the bolt and in the threads. It is generally accepted that as much as 50% of the applied torque is expended in overcoming friction between the bolt head and the abutting surface and another 30% to 40% is lost to friction in the threads. As little as 10% of the applied torque results in useful work to tension the bolt.Given that up to 90% of the applied torque will be lost ...
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