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From Australia to the UK - The journey of our Sales Operations Manager

08 Mar, 2023 | Return|

When I was growing up I wanted to become a doctor or physiotherapist. I never would have thought that my path would take me to an exciting management role in a business manufacturing and selling Torque Tools. In looking back I would say that it has much to do with taking opportunities as they arise and making the most of the growth that I have gained from the exposure to new people, businesses and processes.

Over 14 years ago I was introduced to the Managing Director, Matt Packer, of Norbar in Australia. At the time I was working in the Solar Industry in Adelaide, but would soon be moving back to my home state of Perth. Norbar was looking to make some changes in structure for their Western Australian branch and Matt contacted me to see if I knew anyone that would be interested in this new role.

As it turns out I was interested!

Over 11 years have now gone past and I’ve had some fantastic experiences. Amongst them I have visited salt, alumina, iron ore and gold mines, seen pressure testing for Christmas Trees, found out about the Jesus Nut on helicopters and along the way have met some fantastic people all of whom are working hard to deliver everyday products for the modern world and critical industry. I have also had the opportunity to travel to remote parts of Australia but now around the world.

KH1  KH2

It’s been an immense learning curve as when I started I knew nothing about the tools we manufacture and sell and very little about most of the industries we work with. I have found the best way to learn is to spend time with customers and ask questions. 
Through my time and development in Australia I have had the opportunity to take a role at Norbar UK, this new position gives me the opportunity to work with a team for product development, manufacturing and also build an understanding of the complexities for exporting products all over the world. 

Karen Hantke

Sales Operations Manager

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