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Introduction to Torque Part 1

19 Mar, 2019 |
What is Torque?Torque is any force or system of forces that tends to cause rotation about an axis.Measurement of TorqueImagine someone tightening a bolt using a socket attached to a meter (m) long bar. If they apply 10 kg of force (kgf) perpendicular to the bar they will produce a torque of 10 kgf·m at the axis (the centre of the bolt).However, under the S.I. system of measurement, force is expressed in Newtons (N) rather than kgf. The conversion between kgf and N is x 9.807 so the person...
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Careers Open Evening 2019

12 Feb, 2019 |
Our annual 2019 careers open evening was last Thursday. Despite the slightly lower numbers than usual, it was a highly successful evening. Over 50 guests came to see us which allowed Norbar staff to spend more quality time talking to parents, potential apprentices and employees about careers in engineering.More excitingly this year we had more females visit to talk to us; maybe there has been a turning point at last. Thank you to Chris and Rob of the Engineering Trust, our training provider who ...
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Review of 2018

18 Jan, 2019 |
Reflecting on 2018 my first thought was “hard work, a year best left behind”.  However, as I looked back through my notes I realised how wrong my first reflection was.  True, we did have to work hard and there were some setbacks but actually there were some spectacular successes as well.  This is how the year went.JanuaryWe hit the ground running with people travelling all over the world.  Neill was in India for the official opening of the &ldq...
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RCI Wrap up

10 Dec, 2018 |
During October, Norbar held its 4th Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) workshop and the 3rd this year.5 new teams looking to improve 5 key processes: -Small Torque Wrench Assembly & CalibrationSecondary Motion AssemblySpeed Design ReviewMachine Shop ReorganisationMultiplier Surface finishingEach team of between 6-8 members included process operators (the experts), Engineers, guests from other processes and guests from Norbar and other Snap-on companies.We welcomed back Sensei Takahashi San, ...
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It’s been nearly a year since the revised BS EN ISO 6789:2017 standard was released. With this in mind, Philip Brodey, Sales Director at Norbar Torque Tools, the first laboratory in the world to be accredited to perform hand torque calibrations to the standard, explores the key changes, and also some of the challenges these have brought.What does the revised standard involve?Previously, the BS EN ISO 6789:2003 divided the requirements into three sections: design conformance testing, qualit...
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RCI - Machine Shop Organisation

10 Sep, 2018 |
The second week in July 2018 marked Norbar’s third, full scale Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) event, consisting of four teams, each tasked on a different, week long, intensive project. Each team had differing objectives but all had common goals: to help make the factory more productive, easier to work in, and safer.Each team consisted of 9 members, all of differing standings within the business, shop floor to directors, with one team member being a representative from another part of t...
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The latest edition of BS7882 was published on the 31st August 2017. Current best practice has been incorporated into this revision which provides a practical solution for the calibration of torque measuring devices including the technical requirements needed for high accuracy classes without making the calibration too time consuming to perform and hence commercially unacceptable. There are minor changes to the calibration procedure compared to the 2008 edition. The minimum certificate content ha...
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In my professional capacity

26 Jun, 2018 |
After completing my degree, I joined the graduate program of Ford of Europe working in the Finance function, however I was fortunate that just about all of my roles there involved working with the product (Cars at that time) and to this day I remain passionate about our products as it is at the very core of what we do. William Brodey our Grandfather, the founder of the business had a philosophy of ‘Doing the right things right’. I am very proud that this sentiment carries on today 75...
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The Formative Years

11 Jun, 2018 |
On the eve of my retirement I reflect back on 50 years involvement in the Torque Tool industry. It was at the age of five I had my earliest memory of the North Bar Tool Company Ltd (it was to be four years later that we renamed the company Norbar Torque Tools Ltd.), I was visiting my father’s office in North Bar Place wearing my school uniform of shorts and shirt and I ended up scolding the backs of my legs on the radiator, you could say that event was burned into memory.Future visits incl...
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Today (8 May 2018) is the 75th anniversary of the incorporation of the North Bar Tool Company, now renamed Norbar Torque Tools Ltd.  The North Bar Tool Company was incorporated on 8 May 1943 by William Brodey (my grandfather, generally known as Bill) and his friend Ernest Thornitt (Ernie).It is hard to imagine, for those of us born decades after the war ended, what life was like in the midst of the second world war.  A glance at Bill’s diary from late 1942 gives some cl...
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