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From the monthly archives: May 2016

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Risk Assessment - The Norbar Way

I've been working at Norbar for 14 years, and for 10 of those I've been part of the company's Health & Safety committee. The committee meets once a month and comprises of 15 like-minded employees from a cross-section of departments.   One of the main functions of the meeting is to coordinate the schedule of risk assessments within Norbar. A risk assessment is a systematic and effective method of identifying risks and determining the most suitable means to minimise or remove them. At Norbar we endeavour to individually risk assess each department/area in the company every two years or upon significant change. Obviously as the company grows, so does the amount of assessments required, but it is a great testament to the committee members that for the most part we keep up!   Over the years I have completed numerous risk assessments, and it never ceases to amaze me how there is always improvements to be made to make our company a safer place. We have recently modified our risk assessment document ...

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Who visits our website?

For a couple of years now I have been involved with the monitoring of our website’s performance through Google Analytics, a free tool that provides useful statistics on how many users access our website and how they are engaging with the site. Over the years this information has proved to be invaluable, helping us identify which areas of the website are most in need of improvement. We also use Google Analytics to track how particular online communications are performing. A good example of this would be YouTube.   A few months ago we were provided with statistics from our PR agency on how a particular video was performing within YouTube. When we compared YouTube’s website click through statistics with the amount of referrals from YouTube in Google Analytics, we noticed quite a gap. It transpired that although the link from YouTube was correct to begin with, over the course of time it broke and although it was a website click no one actually landed on our website. Without the use of this fre ...

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