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From the monthly archives: April 2015

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Torque Screwdriver Application - An Audio Loudspeaker

It’s not just large industries like Automotive and Oil & Gas which require torque precision, even high quality audio loudspeakers will have a specified torque for the drive unit bolts. 

On Naim NBL speaker pictured above, a Norbar TTs Torque Screwdriver is being used to accurately achieve the 3.6 N.m for the mid-range drive unit. Norbar recommends that Hi-Fi dealers and audio enthusiasts check the speaker drive unit bolts to achieve best audio performance.

Norbar's range of Torque Screwdrivers embodies the values of the TT Series brand: accuracy, ease of use and comfort in use.

With an accuracy that exceeds the requirement of ISO6789 (+/-6% for tools up to 10 N·m). Furthermore, they are engineered to retain this accuracy over many thousands of tightened cycles.

Making the most of tax incentives

As an innovative manufacturing company Norbar is investing in new products, technology and processes to ensure we can compete in an ever more competitive global market.  To compete at the highest level possible we need to make use of benefits available to Norbar, which includes tax and financial incentives.   While there a number of different incentives and reliefs of varying sizes I’ve provided a brief description of the two most significant below:   Research and Development Relief:  This is a relief against the company’s corporation tax and is calculated on the basis of the amount spent by the business on research and development activities.  The added incentive is that for every £100 spent by the company on R&D activities the government currently allows tax relief on £225 of otherwise taxable profits.  The challenge for us is to determine what we can and can’t classify as R&D costs in order to maximise our claim.   This re ...

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