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Norbar Open Evening Drives Search for Engineers of The Future

Tackling the issue of engineering recruitment head-on, Norbar Torque Tools, the Banbury-based manufacturer of torque tools welcomed 49 young people through its doors in March to encourage take-up of a career in engineering.

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Re-Engineering An Award Winning Tool

Improving on an award winning design, Norbar Torque Tools has re-engineered its Professional Torque Wrench with new and improved components that deliver accuracy, durability and comfort, as standard.

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Cherwell Business Awards 2015

Norbar is sponsoring the 'Business of Year Award'.  Nominations for the Cherwell Business Awards 2015 will be accepted until 19th January and applications are being accepted in all 10 award categories until 30th January 2015.

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Norbar Looks Ahead To New Solar Installation At Wildmere Road

Norbar Torque Tools is working with the Low Carbon Hub to develop plans for a solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) project, totalling 500kW of renewable electricity, for its site on Wildmere Road.

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Accelerating New Product Development in an Increasingly Impatient World

Norbar Torque Tools - Using Siemens PLM Software's digital platform to support both agility and quality

Accelerating New Product Development in an Increasingly Impatient World.pdf

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Norbar Launches New T-Box XL™

Norbar Torque Tools has launched its new comprehensive torque data management instrument, the T-Box XL™ and Torque Data Management System (TDMS), specifically designed for torque calibration laboratories and torque process control in the production environment.

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Norbar Celebrates Factory Opening with Creativity

To kick-start the competition, Norbar provided local schools with 8ft x 4ft sheets of MDF and suggested children try to think outside the box to create bright, vibrant and peaceful designs. The schools that rose to the challenge included Warriner, Chipping Norton, Bloxham Primary, Wroxton Primary, Dashwood, Bishop Carpenter and The Grange.

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Norbar Launches New Electronic Torque Wrench

To meet the demands of industry for quality control and production traceability, Norbar has designed an electronic torque wrench that is capable of measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting torque and angle target results and receiving configuration settings from TDS (Torque Data System) computer software via a USB or wireless interface.

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Norbar Launches New Electronic Torque Tool

Norbar, the world’s leading torque company, has designed the EvoTorque® to ensure that operators have the correct torque output from hard through to soft joints by utilising patent pending motor technology and control software. The EvoTorque® can also safely be used on pre-tightened bolts as part of a joint verification process

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Norbar Strengthens Manufacturing Management Team

Norbar Torque Tools has appointed Alan Collins as its new Torque Wrench Facility Manufacturing Manager.  The appointment comes during a period of expansion for the Banbury based firm which recently began a phased move to a new 170,000 sq ft site on Wildmere Road in the town.

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