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Norbar's Apprenticeship Program Celebrates Over 40 Years of Engineering Excellence

07 Mar, 2024 | Return|

Norbar, a pioneering member of the Engineering Trust, has been at the forefront of apprenticeship programs for more than four decades, annually welcoming two apprentices for a comprehensive four-year training. Spearheaded by Wanda Stewart-Lee, Head of Human Resources, the initiative has been a cornerstone in shaping the future of engineering talent.

The apprenticeship journey begins with a year of immersive education at college, focusing on an advanced manufacturing course supplemented by a Development Learning qualification. The second year transitions into a practical experience, blending day release for continued education with a custom internal training plan designed to integrate apprentices into the company's ecosystem.

Norbar's commitment to cultivating a deep understanding of the business through rotational placements has been critical to its success, evidenced by the fact that over 10% of its workforce comprises former or current apprentices. Many of these individuals have ascended to managerial positions, further contributing to the company's legacy of fostering leadership from within.

The company's outreach extends beyond its apprenticeship program, engaging with the community through annual career open evenings and partnerships with local schools to ignite a passion for engineering among the youth. This early introduction to the field is part of Norbar's long-term strategy to sustain the industry's growth.

Recognition of Norbar's exemplary contributions came to light at the recent Engineering Trust annual awards in Oxford, where the company was nominated for four prestigious awards. Among the accolades, Wanda Stewart-Lee was honored with a nomination for the "Above and Beyond" award, marking her second nomination in this category. This personal achievement reflects the collective effort of the Norbar team in supporting apprentices through various challenges, including wellbeing, transition, and learning support.

The spotlight also shone on apprentices Jasmine Piper and Danny Boulton, nominated for "Apprentice of the Year" for their exceptional dedication and achievements. In a tightly contested field, Piper emerged victorious, with Boulton receiving high commendation for his efforts.

Culminating in a significant triumph, Norbar was bestowed with the Employer Award, a testament to the company's outstanding apprenticeship program and support network, highly praised by the Engineering Trust as a benchmark for excellence.

This series of awards underscores Norbar's unwavering commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of engineering professionals. The company's achievements are a collective effort, embodying the spirit of innovation and dedication that defines Norbar.

For more information on Norbar's apprenticeship programs and community initiatives, visit: https://www.norbar.com/Careers/Apprenticeships

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