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Norbar Torque Tools has launched its new comprehensive torque data management instrument, the T-Box XL™ and Torque Data Management System (TDMS), specifically designed for torque calibration laboratories and torque process control in the production environment.T-Box XL™ builds on the previous T-Box instrument but now features a 7” high definition colour touch screen and an upgraded processor that allows for faster synchronisation with the supplied Torque Data Management (TDMS) ...
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Norbar Torque Tools has announced the winners of an art competition which gave local schools the opportunity to make a splash on the walls of its new factory, on Wildmere Industrial Estate, Banbury.To kick-start the competition, Norbar provided local schools with 8ft x 4ft sheets of MDF and suggested children try to think outside the box to create bright, vibrant and peaceful designs. The schools that rose to the challenge included Warriner, Chipping Norton, Bloxham Primary, Wroxton Primary, Das...
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To meet the demands of industry for quality control and production traceability, Norbar has designed an electronic torque wrench that is capable of measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting torque and angle target results and receiving configuration settings from TDS (Torque Data System) computer software via a USB or wireless interface.The new electronic torque wrench will provide operators with a complete data management and archiving system. Two-way data management capabilities also mea...
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Norbar Torque Tools has launched a new electronic torque tool, the EvoTorque® designed to offer users unprecedented joint control.Norbar, the world’s leading torque company, has designed the EvoTorque® to ensure that operators have the correct torque output from hard through to soft joints by utilising patent pending motor technology and control software. The EvoTorque® can also safely be used on pre-tightened bolts as part of a joint verification process.Torque control or angl...
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Norbar Torque Tools has appointed Alan Collins as its new Torque Wrench Facility Manufacturing Manager. The appointment comes during a period of expansion for the Banbury based firm which recently began a phased move to a new 170,000 sq. ft site on Wildmere Road in the town.Collins will be responsible for managing the Torque Wrench manufacturing facility and leading the Wildmere Road team through an exciting period of growth.Collins brings a wealth of manufacturing and staff development experien...
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Banbury based manufacturer Norbar Torque Tools has been named Employer of the Year at the Oxfordshire Business Awards.&Norbar picked up the award on Friday 21st June at a ceremony held at the Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel, after being nominated alongside Numerical Algorithms and STL Communications.The Banbury based company is the world’s leading manufacturers of torque wrenches and torque calibration equipment, employing 275 people in the local area. The award win comes during a per...
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Commercial vehicle operators have been warned that wheel nut movement indicators and nut locking devices are no substitute for good bolting practice, including the correct application of torque to wheel bolts.The warning, from Norbar Torque one of the world’s leading manufacturers of torque wrenches, is designed to increase awareness of torque issues on commercial vehicles and promote improved torque control.According to Brake, the road safety charity, runaway wheels kill 8 to 10 people an...
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Incorrectly tightened wheel nuts can leave garages liable in the event of bolt failure. Dave Waters, Torque Specialist at Norbar Torque says that one click is enough.“Like most drivers I often take my car into a franchised dealership or an independent garage for a change of tyres.Usually, the mechanic removes and then replaces the wheel with a torque wrench. All generally goes well until the first click of the wrench which signifies that the nut has been tightened to its optimum torque.How...
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Norbar Torque, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of torque wrenches and torque calibration equipment, is making a major impact in the Japanese market.The Banbury-based company took part in two UK Trade Investment (UKTI) programmes which were designed to help British companies develop new business contacts, which has resulted in Norbar more than tripling its sales in Japan in 2012.Norbar Torque has a long-standing distribution presence in the Japanese market, but was anxious to maxim...
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Norbar Torque Tools is proud to announce the launch of its PneuTorque® PTM-92-4000, a powered torque multiplier ideal for the open cast mining industry where large haul trucks are used.The PTM-92-4000 replaces Norbar’s PTM-92-3500 in the existing PTM-92 series. The new multiplier offers an increase in torque output from the 92 mm gearbox, made possible with a new output carrier manufactured from a high strength, specialist steel. The update comes as part of Norbar’s on-going poli...
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