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(Obsolete) TTi50 1/2" ratchet, N·m/lbf·ft

This product is now obsolete, for details of the new, re-engineered model please click here

The Norbar TTi Torque Wrenches are accurate, easy to set and are comfortable in use.  They are finished in an attractive and durable satin chrome plate. This TTi50 model is supplied with a 1/2" reversible ratchet.

  • Part number: 13659
  • EAN Bar Code: -
  • NATO number: 5120-99-154-0949
  • Accuracy: +/-3%
  • Operates between: 8.00 - 50.00 N·m (0.10 Increment)
    6.00 - 35.00 lbf·ft (0.10 Increment)
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