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TT50 Non-Magnetic 3/8", 10 - 50 N·m, 8 - 35 lbf·ft

Norbar has launched it's first ever Non-magnetic Torque Wrench, which is proving invaluable for medical equipment maintenance, notably in the MRI field. It also has further applications across a range of industries wherever tools have to be used in the presence of a strong magnetic field.

Carefully selected and tested materials replace the ferrous components present in standard torque wrenches, therefore giving an extremely low magnetic footprint and retaining the high standards of Norbar's other Torque Wrenches.

Other maintenance applications where the non-magnetic torque wrenches will be a real benefit include:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Radar Transmission Centres
  • Precision Magnetic Equipment
  • Permanent Magnetic Generators (PMGs)
  • Nuclear products
  • Mine Sweepers
Part number: 13902
EAN Bar Code: -
NATO number: -
Accuracy: ±3%
Operates between:
10.00 - 50.00 N·m
8.00 - 35.00 lbf·ft

  • Micrometer Scale for simple and error free setting. (On dual scale wrenches, the micrometer increment applies to the N·m scale.)
  • Quick and Light Adjustment: adjustment over the entire scale can quickly be achieved and with minimal effort in approximately ten complete turns (exact number varies by model).
  • Comfortable, Durable Handle: the handle is constructed using two materials; a base material for strength overlaid with a soft feel grip for comfort and slip resistance.
  • Adjustment Lock: all models feature a lock to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque.
  • Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017

  • Square Size: 3/8"
  • Very low magnetic signature. Relative Permeability, (µr) limit for the Norbar Non-Magnetic Torque Wrench = 1.15


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