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ISO 1500

This loader allows torque wrenches to be calibrated or tested in accordance with ISO 6789:2003, BS EN 26789:2003 and American military standard GGG-W-686. Their function is to take full advantage of the accuracy of Norbar's torque measuring systems by reducing operator induced variations in the calibration process.

Part number: 60300
EAN Bar Code: -
NATO number: -
Accuracy: +/-1%
Operates between:
1.00 - 1500.00 N·m
1.00 - 1000.00 lbf·ft

  • The high ratio, 1200:1 gearbox allows high torques to be applied, whilst ensuring that the operator does not exceed the rate of increase of torque specified in the standards.
  • The design allows for easy interchange of transducers using the Norbar Static Transducer system
  • The ISO 1500 90 degree facility allows the performance of torque wrenches to be checked in two planes. Many wrenches give different torque values according to their orientation in use.
  • Floating reaction point minimises side loads on wrench.
  • Optional Small Reaction Plate (Part Code 20606) allows torque wrenches down to 125mm in length to be tested.
  • Motorised version with speed control is available. This can be purchased as a kit to motorise an existing ISO or as a complete ISO 1500 Motorised Torque Wrench Loader.

  • Weight: 31 Kg
  • Max Length: 1500 mm
  • Min Length: 200 mm

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