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PneuTorque 72 Remote

Remote control versions of the PT72 have no direction shut-off control on the tool but rely on external pneumatic circuitry to provide this function. This opens up numerous application possibilities for the PneuTorque ranging from simple stall shut-off in a hazardous working environment to sophisticated, multi-spindle torque and angle shut-off systems.

  • 72mm Gearbox allows excellent access.
  • Powerful - up to 2000 N·m output.
  • All torques can be achieved at less than 6 bar (90 psi).
  • Torque transducers available to give repeatability of +/-1%.
  • Engineered to Order reaction accessories are also available, see examples.

PneuTorque 72 Remote

Products In This Range

Part No. 18031

PT 72/500 Remote, 3/4"

PT 72/500 Remote, 3/4"

Part No. 18031.AUT

PT 72/500.AUT Remote,  3/4"

PT 72/500.AUT Remote, 3/4"

Part No. 18030

PT 72/1000 Remote,  3/4"

PT 72/1000 Remote, 3/4"

Part No. 18030.AUT

PT 72/1000.AUT Remote,  3/4"

PT 72/1000.AUT Remote, 3/4"

Part No. 18032

PT 72/1000 Remote,  1"

PT 72/1000 Remote, 1"

Part No. 18032.AUT

PT 72/1000.AUT Remote,  1"

PT 72/1000.AUT Remote, 1"

Part No. 18029

PT 72/1500 Remote,  1"

PT 72/1500 Remote, 1"

Part No. 18029.AUT

PT 72/1500.AUT Remote,  1"

PT 72/1500.AUT Remote, 1"

Part No. 18034

PT 72/2000 Remote,  1"

PT 72/2000 Remote, 1"

Part No. 18034.AUT

PT 72/2000.AUT Remote,  1"

PT 72/2000.AUT Remote, 1"

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