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TruCheck Plus 200 - 2000 N.m

TruCheck Plus 2000 N·m

As some customers require more flexibility than the basic TruCheck model, the 'Plus' adds a comprehensive range of features. With three modes of operation the TruCheck Plus is suitable for click wrenches, dial and electronic wrenches and in 'track' mode will continuously monitor the torque signal.

There are two torque units: N·m and lbf·ft.

TruCheck Plus also has a user selectable 'limit' feature. The operator sets the target torque and tolerance and the instrument will calculate whether the reading is within tolerance and indicate the results by illuminating one of three coloured LEDs: orange = low, green = OK, red = high.

TruCheck Plus has an RS-232 output and comes complete with and RS-232 cable. The reading instrument measurement unit and limit status (Low, OK and High) are output via RS-232.

A Power Tool Test Fixture is available for joint simulation.

Part number: 43245
EAN Bar Code: -
NATO number: -
Accuracy: -
Operates between:
200.00 - 2000.00 N·m
148.00 - 1475.00 lbf·ft
1770.00 - 17701.00 lbf·in

  • Supplied with a Traceable Calibration Certificate.
  • There are two torque units - N·m and lbf·ft (always calibrated in N·m).
  • Allows torque tool performance to be monitored and tools kept in peak condition.
  • TruCheck™ Plus allows selection of torque units and modes for 'click' and dial type wrenches.
  • 'Plus' version allows operator to set a target value and tolerance.
  • Supplied with Auto Ranging Power Supply Unit

  • Dimensions: 145.5mm deep x 175mm wide x 85mm high.
  • Accuracy: +/-1%, +/-1 digit over the stated operating range.
  • Display: 4 Digit, 7 segment LED. With update rate of twice per second (2Hz).
  • Temp Range - Operating: +5ºC to +40ºC
  • Temp Range - Storage: -20ºC to +70ºC
  • Auto Reset Hold Time: 2 seconds
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive: In conformance with EN 61326:1997
  • Weight (for shipping): 5.26 Kg
  • Drive Size: 27mm male hexagon. Supplied with 1" square drive socket.

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