The new Norbar TrukTorque™ pneumatic torque multiplier is being exhibited at Euro Bus Expo 2010 (NEC Birmingham, UK 2-4 November) on the Norbar Torque Tools Stand C 66.

TrukTorque™ features:

  • Special banana shaped reaction arm to handle bolt tightening on both front and rear wheels of trucks and buses
  • Accommodates wheel trims and deeply recessed wheel bolts
  • None of the noise and vibration problems associated with impact wrenches
  • Operates up to 1000 N·m of torque
  • Lighter than a comparable impact wrench
  • Designed so operator’s hands can’t get trapped while wheel nuts are tightened.

Philip Brodey of Norbar said:

There are significant benefits over impact wrenches in terms of efficiency, productivity and for creating a safe, stress free environment for employees

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