Norbar Highlights Torque for Caravan Safety

Following a product recall by a leading British Caravan manufacturer because of a number of reports of detached wheels, the world leading torque specialist Norbar Torque Tools has emphasised the need to ensure that the correct manufacturer specified level of torque is applied to caravan wheel nuts.

The road safety charity Brake describes loose wheels from vehicles as "bouncing bombs". "If a wheel becomes detached at speed it can hit an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian with incredible force. It is estimated that 'runaway' wheels kill 8-10 people and injure many more each year in the UK." Inaccurate torque is a frequent reason for this type of accident. "Wheel loss can result from over-tightening as well as insufficient tightening, and nuts need regular checking."

Norbar tools are designed and manufactured in house at their factory in Banbury, Oxfordshire and all are supplied with traceable calibration certificates. They recommend a torque wrench such as the Norbar TT150 as being suitable for car and caravan wheels.

Philip Brodey, Director of Norbar, comments "Precise control of torque is hugely important to road safety. Over-tightening wheel fastenings can cause them to break under stress while if bolts are loose they can come free with vibration. A quality torque wrench is an essential item for the caravan owner's tool kit."

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