New Norbar Multi Channel Lubro Air Pressure RegulatorNorbar Torque Tools has launced a new Multi Channel Lubro for regulating air pressure when using pneumatic torque multipliers and other pneumatic tools. This device allows the operator to undertake multiple applications without having to continually refer back to air pressure graphs and without then manually adjusting the pressure setting.

Up to 15 programmable channels are available for multiple applications and settings are protected by supervisor key control. A useful write-on label located on the front of the Multi Channel Lubro can record up to 15 air pressures in psi/bar together with job references and torque measurement settings in Newton metres. These features ensure consistency when different operators have set a particular pressure.

The Norbar Multi Channel Lubro can be operated from mains or battery. The internal rechargeable battery pack offers a 16 hours '2-shift' battery life and includes monitoring to show the state of charge. The battery can be fully recharged in 4 hours.

Other benefits include:

  • Adjustable pressure control for pneumatic tools
  • Pressure gauge recording output pressure levels up to 100 psi / 6.9 bar
  • Supply of controlled oil feed to lubricate the connected tool
  • Removes excess saturated water and foreign particles that could damage the connected tool

Philip Brodey, Director of Norbar comments:

There are numerous applications for air pressure delivery to pneumatic tools in manufacuring, assembly, transport and other areas. The new Norbar Multi Channel Lubro is safe, easy to operate and exceptionally flexible in handling a broad range of pressure settings.

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