Reflecting on 2018 my first thought was “hard work, a year best left behind”. However, as I looked back through my notes I realised how wrong my first reflection was. True, we did have to work hard and there were some setbacks but actually there were some spectacular successes as well. This is how the year went.



We hit the ground running with people travelling all over the world. Neill was in India for the official opening of the “Ian Brodey Technology Centre”. This is a training centre from which our Indian company will offer training both to our distributors and end users and helps to position Norbar India as the leader in torque expertise in the country. We also had staff in the Middle East, Canada and Australia for Norbar Australia’s annual sales conference. Through a visit to Japan, we studied leading companies in the world of kaizen with the aim of bringing some of the best practices back to Banbury.

Talking of kaizen, January saw the first of three “rapid continuous improvement events” to be held in 2018 with massive support from our consultant from Japan and colleagues from our parent group.



On 1st February the Monte Carlo Historic Rally visited Banbury for the first time in many years. Smelling an opportunity to talk to numerous “petrol heads”, Norbar took a small space in the paddock from which to promote our products. It was perhaps not quite the success that we had hoped for but good enough for us to commit again when the rally comes through in 2019.