When you work for a company it is natural that you are enthusiastic about them and their products.


That’s how I feel about Norbar they have a fantastic range of tools and equipment. But it is more than that, my father is a retired mechanical engineer.


Some 35 years ago I needed a torque wrench for my personal usage mainly, if not exclusively, for use on the various cars I worked on. He told me to buy a Norbar which I did, as a good son should always listen to his dad.


The Slimline 2 (SL2) gave me twenty-five years of trouble free service although it has laid unused in my garage for around 10 years, always ready for action just not needed. That’s more a reflection on modern cars than my abilities.


I recently brought the SL2 into Norbar as part of a presentation to a customer. I had it checked in the calibration lab and they found it to be still within tolerance.


If that’s not something to be passionate about then what is?

Graham Hudson