Opening and closing water valves can be very difficult due to the amount of pressure behind them and rusting of the mechanism. 

The previous method for completing this task required the use of a large stilson wrench.  Due to size of the valve, pressure on the gate, or scale on the components, the torque required to actuate the valve by hand was unsafe and could potentially cause long term injuries due to excessive physical actvity. The previous method was also time consuming due to the limited space for operation of the stilson wrench.

The solution is to utilise the Norbar CTM-72-1250 Valve Actuation Tool and a custom designed reaction arm/assembly to safely actuate the valve.


The Norbar CTM-72-1250 Valve Actuation Tool has a 3 speed concept that delivers the benefit of fast run down speeds when minimal load is required when actuating the valve and low speed high torque setting to assist when loads are high. The CTM-72-1250’s operation is quiet, less than 70dB (A) with absolutely no impacting on the valve. 

The custom design reaction has been engineered to react the opposing forces generated during operation of the Norbar CTM-72-1250.

A Pelican Case with foam cut outs is utilised to house the Norbar CTM-72-1250, two spare batteries and battery charger.  Custom storage solutions can be provided to store the tool and ancillaries. 


This unique solution will ensure that water valves are actuated safely, and productively with a high degree of control of the applied torque.  Utilising this method of valve actuation will also assure implementation of continuous improvement strategies and HSEC requirements.


Norbar Torque Tools can provide tool box training sessions on the safe operation of the Norbar valve actuation equipment if required. 


Custom manufactured solutions are catalogued with all technical drawings for any future orders.

For more information on the CTM tool, please click here.

By Norbar Torque Tools Australia