It’s been another few months since my last blog and again, plenty has changed on my apprentice journey at Norbar Torque Tools.

My second year is now complete and I’ve been working full-time over the summer on the shop floor. Safe to say, it’s been an eventful few months and I’ve been able to gain further valuable exposure into the day to day running of Norbar Torque in the UK.

In the past six months alone I’ve been placed in Goods In at both Norbar sites in Banbury, with the Stores team where jobs are prepared for processing, and then in the Torque Multipliers Department.

I’ve also recently completed my 10 week HNC manufacturing bridging course so I can take on the full version of the course that begins in September. I’ll be undertaking this one day per week at college over the next two years.

There’s a noticeable jump between second year and third year at college so I was grateful for the support and opportunity to take the bridging course – especially now that I’ve passed! I certainly feel far better placed for the theory intensive full course.

There’s probably still a preconception that apprenticeships are not academic – well this one certainly is! Maths and Science subjects are naturally key to engineering and manufacturing (and the next two years of college for me) and being in my apprenticeship for the last couple of years has really shown me how important these core subjects are to our industry.

Next year will be an exciting one, as I move away from the basics of manufacturing and machining (milling and the like) to some really technical processes. I’ll be sure to update you along the way.

James Page, Norbar Torque Tools