Norbar’s research revealed that traditional electric torque tools were giving vastly different results depending on the joint type.  The torque delivered to a hard joint could be more than double the torque that the same tool with the same settings would deliver to a soft joint with great potential to leave bolts under or over tightened and potentially dangerous.  In developing our own electronic torque tool we decided that we needed radically different motor technology and control software to eliminate these issues.

Our solution needed to be accurate, efficient, ergonomic and intelligent. It needed to deliver the exact amount of torque required during the tightening or joint verification process of bolts, across a range of joint types and applications - from the commercial vehicle sector to wind energy.

Our extensive technical studies and development trials revealed the ideal formulation of motor technology, software and exterior design features required to deliver a state-of-the-art electronic torque tool to market. A tool capable of revolutionising accuracy for electric torque tools whilst protecting the workforce from the health concerns associated with machine noise and vibration, such as hearing loss and vibration white finger. The EvoTorque was born.

The EvoTorque uses the very latest in joint sensing technology, a patent pending motor design and market leading control software to emit exactly the right amount of torque required to tighten a specific joint.  The required torque can be easily programmed with the touch of a few buttons and the EvoTorque indicates, using a clear display screen, when the correct output has been achieved.

Delivering this revolutionary tool to market was a milestone in Norbar’s history and we wanted to ensure it out-performed its predecessors in every way. This meant rigorous evaluation including drop tests, water and dust resistance ingress and power cable stress tests. Coupled with a third party verified sound power of 72.3 dB (A) and vibration level of 0.304 m/s2 the EvoTorque is leading the way in accuracy, efficiency and safety – now that’s what we’re torqueing about!  

The EvoTorque is available in five different torque ranges and two different voltages. For more information visit

Philip Brodey , Sales and Marketing Director, Norbar Torque Tools