I have been with Norbar Torque Tools for nearly seven years, with my first role being a Trainee Sales Engineer. I have worked my way up through the company to my current role of Technical Sales Engineer.

The primary objective of my role is to support the internal Customer Relations team, who deal with the day-to-day order entering process and are the first point of contact for customers. I also support the network of distributors that we have, and the end users that contact us on a daily basis. The Technical Sales Engineers are essentially the ‘safety net’ for when something goes wrong or when a customer has a technical enquiry.

The role involves a lot of interaction with the distribution network that has been set up to enhance maximum productivity for customers. It involves daily support via email and telephone about potential applications for Norbar products. However, our support offering for customers doesn’t end there. We regularly visit end users to evaluate applications and solutions to applications, showcasing and recommending the Norbar range of products to potential customers. It’s imperative that we spend a lot of time with our distributors in training them on Norbar products to provide them with the tools they need to confidently sell Norbar products to their given territory.

When we visit potential customers and discussing applications, it’s essential we listen to the customer’s requirements and understand the specification required. Then, and only then, can we evaluate what’s required and identify the correct Norbar product that will match the customer’s expectation. Sometimes, what the customer thinks they want and what they need can be different, so we also need to manage the customer’s expectation of what can be achieved. Once this has been done, the Technical Sales Engineer passes on the technical information to the end user and a suitable and local distributor is then introduced, so the end user has a local contact for purchasing products and support.

The focus of the role is all towards the customer and maintaining relationships with customers and end users, both old and new. We must also ensure that our internal Customer Relations team, distribution network and the end users that get in touch with us are confident that we have the support capabilities they need and expect.

Mathew Hodgkins, Technical Sales Engineer