Customer service is something I’m very passionate about and have been for over 30 years. Over these years, I have managed many teams in the sales arena, internal and external, large and small, and the one thing they all had in common was a passionate customer focus. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions, promise the world, slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, however, unless you can retain those customers and generate repeat business, your company won’t be as profitable as it should be.

It’s all about sending the customer away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer them and then become repeat customers. It’s a well-known fact that people buy from people, and Norbar’s customers are no different.

Our customer will always have a choice, so it’s down to us to make sure that when they are in the market for a product, Norbar is the first company the customer thinks of. Good customer service goes a long way to ensuring repeat business. It’s not always about how good the product is, or the price. Every interaction and touch point we have with our customers gives us an opportunity to impact on their decision making process now and in the future. If you receive excellent customer service, you will statistically go and tell one work colleague, a friend or even a family member. If you have had a bad experience, you will go and tell ten more. Now that’s food for thought!

A lost customer will never tell you they are going and it’s always too late once they have migrated underneath our radar to the competition. We spend a lot of money and invest huge amounts of time and resource as a business into winning a customer so surely it makes good commercial sense to do everything we can to retain them. There are no written rules – one glove doesn’t fit all. Everybody has a different approach but rest assured, a business with a passionate approach to customer service will perform better, retain higher margins and have higher customer retention levels than one that doesn’t.

My next blog will take a look at what we can do as a business during the working day to influence and improve further customer service levels. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

Jeremy Tucker, UK Business Manager