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Norbar Philosophy


Our Vision

To be the best torque tool company in the world. Respected, profitable and a great place to work!

Our Philosophy

People are the source of our strength. They provide our knowledge and skills and therefore determine our reputation in the market. Personal input, involvement and teamwork are our core human values.

We pride ourselves that our average length of service is 10 years; 9% of our employees have more than 25 years’ service with 4% achieving over 30 years’ service.

Norbar offers a competitive salary and a non-guaranteed profit share scheme. There is a voluntary contributory pension scheme and life assurance.
After a qualifying period staff are eligible for company sick pay and long service status. Occupational health advice is on hand to provide support and guidance. For those who require physiotherapy/chiropractic treatment etc. some financial assistance is available.

The Company recognises the value of family time. In this respect Norbar can offer the equivalent of 5 weeks holiday partly converted into hours, to take in 1 hour units to meet personal commitments. The standard working week is 4½ days. Finishing at Friday lunch time gives additional flexibility.

Norbar develops the skill required for employees to not only do their own jobs but alternative jobs within the Company to create flexibility and variety. It also actively encourages employees to undertake relevant self-study and personal development with some financial contribution.

A subsidised Canteen facility is available to all staff at lunchtime offering excellent choice and value for money. Hot meals, vegetarian options, sweets, cakes and snacks are freshly prepared on a daily basis.

Our Canteen facility has recently been awarded the Platinum 'Eat Well in Cherwell' award, as recognition that it adopts a healthy attitude towards the food it provides and the environment in which it provides it.

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Norbar has devised easy-to-use online calculators that support the correct application of torque in three key areas:

  1. Unit conversion to assist international measurement definitions.
  2. Torque extension for setting correct values
  3. Torque tension to identify precise levels of torque to be applied for individual applications.
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