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Small but strong: Norbar launches new HandTorque HT3-1000 Torque Multiplier

Norbar Torque Tools has introduced its most compact member of the HT3 family, the new HandTorque® HT3-1000.

Ideally suited to a variety of industries including rail and heavy goods vehicles, the HandTorque® HT3-1000’s innovative construction makes it surprisingly lightweight and compact, while maintaining the ultimate precision and extreme strength Norbar’s Torque Tools are renowned for.

With this in mind, the new multiplier will not only appeal to those moving from job to job around a site, but also to operators working in constricted or tight spaces as it allows users to deliver high torque to applications where other tools will not fit.

Thanks to its proven engineering, the HandTorque® HT3-1000 multiplies the input torque by a given factor, guaranteeing accuracy of torque multiplication of better than ±4%. The tool also features two reaction bar styles, ensuring it is versatile and quickly adaptable to the job in hand. Norbar’s attention to detail extends to offering the user the exact multiplication ratio with both the supplied straight reaction bar and cranked reaction foot.

Sales Director Philip Brodey at Norbar Torque Tools, commented:

“Our team is dedicated to providing solutions-focused products and the HT3-1000 is no different. The existing versions of the HT3 have long been the most popular torque multipliers in our extensive range. However, modern manufacturing methods and materials have given us the opportunity to revisit the HT3 family and the 1,000 N·m HT3-1000 is the result of that, responding directly to the needs of professionals in the field with its downscaled size.

We’re really excited about the future of this product and we look forward to hearing what the marketplace has to say about the HandTorque® HT3-1000, before extending the construction principles to other new torque multiplier products.”

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