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Norbar Torque Tools Launches Extended Range of Break-Back Torque Wrenches – the Industrial 2R and 2AR

17 Mar, 2017 | Return|

Robust, reliable and easy to use, the new 2R (270 N·m) and 2AR (340 N·m) torque wrenches, featuring a unique break-back torque signal, are the latest products from Norbar Torque Tools.

Appealing to those working in the light commercial vehicle market, construction and rail infrastructure, the new 2R and 2AR responds directly to the pressing needs from the market for a smaller model of the enduringly popular industrial break-back torque wrenches.

Incredibly simple to use, the 2R and 2AR’s design offers a unique profiled cam and reaction plate, providing a much clearer torque break point. For the operator, this means that the possibility of over-torqueing has been reduced dramatically in comparison to traditional clicker torque wrenches, optimising performance and precision in any task.

The unmistakable torque signal that the break-back provides, means that the wrench can be safely used in noisy environments where the click signal of other wrenches may be missed, such as when changing a tyre on the roadside. Furthermore, the break can not only be seen by the operator, but also by supervisors, meaning they can visually check for correct operation of the wrench from many metres away.

The 2R and 2AR also feature an improved scale, which is easy to read and set, and is fitted with a protective lens to shield the screen from dust, dirt and spray.

Offering impeccable control, the 2R and 2AR are calibrated to deliver accurate results within ±4% of a reading, despite the demanding working conditions expected for the wrenches.

Additional features include the push-through ratchet which is easily replaceable and allows two direction torqueing, and the integral pull-out adjustment bar which means no additional torque setting tools are required.

The 2R and 2AR wrenches also come with a padded fabric shoulder bag, which not only makes transporting and storing the tools convenient and comfortable, it also holds a set of instructions and a copy of the calibration certificate. This ensures all important documents are kept in one place, and alongside the wrenches.

Philip Brodey, Sales Director at Norbar Torque Tools commented:

“The new 2R and 2AR torque wrenches focus on end-user experience without compromising on robustness and precision.

The details in the design ensure we continue to offer a premium quality product while improving ease of use and reducing the risk of tightening errors; demonstrated most clearly with the further development of the break-back torque signal.

However, there are other less obvious elements that have been introduced to benefit the end-user, such as the upgraded handle design. Not only is this more comfortable, it also helps to guide the operator’s hand into the correct position, making usage both simpler and more effective.

The 2R and 2AR work to make those everyday bolting tasks that little bit easier and we look forward to hearing what the industry has to say about the re-engineered design.”

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