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Norbar’s EvoTorque® Battery Tools (EBT) granted full Network Rail approval

18 Aug, 2020 | Return|

Following a rigorous testing process, Network Rail has granted full approval to  Norbar’s EvoTorque® tools range for use across the UK’s rail network infrastructure.

Specifically, approval has been granted to Norbar’s EvoTorque® Battery Tool, a range of battery torque tools designed for applying torque to threaded fasteners. The models covered by the approval have torque capacities of 200 N∙m to 4000 N∙m. This follows the prior approval in 2017 of Norbar’s EvoTorque®2 a range of corded electric torque tools with a torque capacity of 200 N∙m to 7000 N∙m.

Network Rail approval ensures that the Norbar EBT meets the exacting standards required for use on rail applications; that these products are safe, reliable and will enhance maintenance tasks on the UK’s rail infrastructure.

Graham Hudson, Technical Support Engineer at Norbar Torque Tools Ltd, says: “Network Rail Approval is the culmination of a long and rigorous acceptance process by Norbar Torque Tools and Network Rail. We are delighted that the EvoTorque Battery Tool range has been deemed to be compatible with all of the criteria necessary to work on the UK’s rail infrastructure and can now play its full part in improving safety and traceability across the network.”

Like EvoTorque® 2, the EBT range is equipped with unique ‘Intelligent Joint Sensing’ technology that will accurately tighten to the correct torque without the risk of excess overshoot or undershoot that is common in other electric tools. Positive confirmation of correct joint tightening is displayed on the tool.

In addition, the range has a built-in data logging capability to help contractors and engineers keep track of completed work. The newly certified tools can log up to 3000 different time, date and task stamped torque readings, including identification of the tool-user, enabling the creation of a clear installation and maintenance audit trail. Once work is completed, this data can be downloaded and stored in EvoLog, a dedicated software platform, via USB or Bluetooth 4.0 transfer.

The EBT range also has an audit mode that allows existing bolts to be checked to ensure that contractors can identify bolting ‘hotspots’ where persistent problems occur. Armed with information, extra preventative measures or maintenance procedures to ensure the integrity of the track or other infrastructure in those weaker points can be implemented.

Graham concluded: “EvoTorque®2 and EvoTorque® Battery Tool were developed with rail applications in mind, both infrastructure and rolling stock, and his approval is vindication of Norbar's vision for bolting safety and traceability across the UK's rail network."

For more information on the EvoTorque® products from Norbar, visit: www.norbar.com/products


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Editor’s Notes:

Norbar Torque Tools Ltd is the world's leading torque tools specialist. Norbar specialises in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of torque tools for torque tightening, measurement and calibration. The primary office and factory location is in Banbury, United Kingdom and there are also Norbar sales, service and calibration facilities in Australia, USA, Singapore, China and India. Other countries are served through a network of distributors.

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