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20 Feb, 2020 | Return|

After detailed consideration and consultation with stakeholders, Norbar Torque Tools has taken the agonising decision to withdraw from the Cologne Hardware Fair 2020.

Both Norbar and our parent company, Snap-on Inc, believe that the health and safety of our workplaces is paramount. The situation regarding Covid-19 remains unclear, but it is possible that large international gatherings could promote its spread. The statistics published by Kölnmesse reveal that in 2018 the exhibition was visited by 47,000 visitors from 143 countries and, under these circumstances, we believe that withdrawal from the event is the responsible position to take.

We make this decision not only thinking of our employees and customers but of all those who interface with us, such as exhibition visitors, and the families and communities that we could unwittingly bring this disease back home to. We have taken careful consideration of the Kölnmesse decision to proceed and we appreciate their diligence in taking advice from a number of respected sources. Nonetheless, it is our judgement that, even with precautions taken both by the organisers and exhibitors, it is not worth exposing our employees, customers and visitors to even this small residual risk.

Norbar has an unbroken attendance record at the Cologne International Hardware Fair since 1990 and our decision not to be present in 2020 is a difficult one. In lieu of our presence at the show, we will plan individual visits to our valued customers and business partners as a series of smaller gatherings – especially for our
business partners in Germany.

We wish Kölnmesse well and hope that all of those who will attend as exhibitors and visitors have a great experience in this wonderful city. We look forward to joining you again in 2022.

Finally, our thoughts are with those already impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19 and we hope that the tide will soon turn and that the outbreak will be brought under control.

Best wishes,

Andrew Lobo
Managing Director

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