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Norbar launches TruCheck™ 2 for easy torque wrench checking

Norbar Torque Tools has launched a new version of its TruCheck™ torque wrench checker that aims to cut the cost of purchasing a torque wrench checking system and remove reservations over the complexity of using such equipment.


The new TruCheck™ 2 is a cost-effective checker ideal for torque wrench users requiring a quick and easy means of checking their wrenches. The new checker incorporates a range of redesigns and improved features whilst retaining all of its predecessors’ easy-to-use properties. All models have a robust aluminium housing.


TruCheck™ 2 is available in 14 models with 7 different torque ranges from 0.1 N·m – 2,100 N·m and each available in standard and Plus versions All models in the range are accurate to within ±1% of reading and are supplied with a traceable calibration certificate.


The Plus versions of TruCheck™ 2 allow a selection of torque units, three modes of operation (Click, Dial and Track) and the ability to store up to 15 targets. A choice of 10 different languages are available for the operator to select from.


In addition, the Plus versions come equipped with a display which changes colour relative to target status; whereby yellow indicates that the wrench is under target, green indicates that the wrench is within target tolerance and red signifies over target.


TruCheck™ 2 has an in-built Micro USB 2.0 port that enables power from any USB power source. The Plus version allows for both power and data transfer simultaneously.


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