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Norbar Looks Ahead To New Solar Installation At Wildmere Road

Norbar Torque Tools is working with the Low Carbon Hub to develop plans for a solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) project, totalling 500 kW of renewable electricity, for its site on Wildmere Road.

The solar PV installation, if granted planning consent, will comprise two phases in line with the proposed development of the new Wildmere manufacturing facility. The first stage of the solar installation is due to take place as early as February 2015, totalling 250 kW. If all goes well, planning permission will be sought for a further 250 kW scheme to be installed in 2016, following the refurbishment of the site.

Catherine Rohll, Commercial Director at Norbar Torque Tools Ltd said:

“We have been operational in Oxfordshire for over 70 years and as we continue to grow and develop, our social and environmental impact remains as important as ever.

Working alongside Low Carbon Hub, we have developed a plan that we believe maximises the sites potential through the generation of renewable electricity. Throughout the life of the installation, the income generated from our project will benefit us in the form of lower priced green electricity and, thanks to our relationship with the Low Carbon Hub, local community energy projects.”

The solar panels will have the capacity to generate over 400,000 kWh per annum, the equivalent of the electricity needed to power 100 homes. It will also generate an income of up to £12,000 per year, to support the development of further community-owned renewable energy projects.

Tim Crisp at Low Carbon Hub said:

“We are delighted that Norbar is taking the lead in partnering with the Low Carbon Hub in the deployment of renewable energy and hope that other businesses will follow. The scheme is a unique opportunity for businesses to build on their environmental credentials, save money without the need for upfront investment and engage with their customers. This project will also generate an income stream that will support local community energy projects for the next 20 years. It is a fantastic example of businesses and communities working together for wider benefit.”

The Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise based in Oxfordshire, with a core aim of reducing carbon emissions across Oxfordshire. The organisation works alongside local businesses and schools to install, manage and maintain renewable energy projects and supports local communities develop their own schemes.

The Low Carbon Hub has launched a share offer to develop solar PV on 18 local schools and three businesses.

For further information, please visit the Low Carbon Hub website

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