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The selection and use of torque wrenches

02 Oct, 2013 | Return|

One of the more frequently asked questions from our customers is ‘how do I select the correct torque wrench for application?’

Generally, most torque wrenches are used for tightening nuts and bolts accurately. Nuts and bolts need varying degrees of accuracy depending on the materials being fastened together, and therefore, there are different wrenches for different applications.

The two main reasons why we use torque wrenches are to achieve the correct level of tightness and then to ensure consistency across all of the bolts in the assembly. Used properly, a torque wrench will ensure that all bolts have the same level of torque applied. The effect of badly tightened bolts can be seen in lost time and money. It’s also worth noting that careless torque can cost lives.


The most common torque wrench is called a click wrench. This wrench is used to tighten bolts and nuts and will indicate when a pre-set torque has been reached. The pre-set value can be set by the user, or by a quality control department, but one thing that users must remember is that one click is enough. The first click the wrench makes signifies that the nut has been tightened to its optimum torque.

The second most common torque wrench is used to check an already tightened bolt to ensure consistency. The wrench can be equipped with mechanical or electronic sensing mechanism and also an electronic or analogue display.

There are of course other tools referred to as torque wrenches, such as hydraulic and pneumatic wrenches, powered by pressurised oil or air respectively. Both these tools are alternatives to impact wrenches and are much easier to operate, making less noise and applying torque with high accuracy and little effort. These devices are more likely to be used for larger applications such as flange bolting or when there are a large number of bolts to be tightened on an assembly.


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Philip Brodey

Sales and Marketing Director