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Good customer service is at the heart of Norbar's philosophy

02 Oct, 2014 | Return|

It goes without saying that excellent customer service is a vital part of a successful business and at Norbar this is no different. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best service to our customers at every stage. We don’t just see the customer service team as a group of people who deal with complaints or who are called upon when people have an issue that needs resolving. Exceptional customer service starts from the first contact that is made with the customer to the last, and our staff are trained to always ensure that each and every one of our customers receive the very best service from any member of the Norbar team they encounter.


This customer focused ethos is part of Norbar’s philosophy, something that we instil in all of our staff from the moment they join us, and something that we continually strive to uphold. Our Customer Relations Manager, Stephen Maxfield, has blogged about the mantra that his team upholds.

Good customer service is about giving the customer an experience that keeps them coming back while at the same time making them happy enough to recommend your business to friends and colleagues. So, how do we delight the customer and keep them coming back for more? Listen. Pay attention to what the customer has to say and how they are saying it, ask questions if you are unsure what the customer wants and don’t make any assumptions.


Build a rapport. Make the customer feel important and valued. Treat them as you would expect to be treated and engage with them. While you are talking to them they should feel like they are the most important person in your world.


Do not disappoint the customer. Always try your best to help the customer. If you don’t know the answer to a question the customer must feel confident that you are going to find the right answer within a reasonable time. If you promise to call a customer back with an answer never disappoint them.


Go the extra mile. What can you offer the customer that they can’t get anywhere else? It may be as simple as the way you close the call, is there anything else you can help them with or anything that can be done to improve their experience?

Good customer service applies company wide, at every point of contact and we should never give our customers a reason to take their business elsewhere.

Stephen Maxfield

Customer Relations Manager