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Engineer to Order

Engineer to Order

Norbar produces an extensive range of standard equipment, designed to meet a wide variety of needs. The exceptional precision that our clients require does mean that there are times when something outside the standard range is required, and Norbar have the skills and experience to deliver exactly what you need.

As an ISO 9001 company, Norbar both design and manufacture special equipment to meet customer specifications.

These projects range from modified torque wrench end fittings to complete torque and angle control of multi-spindle nut runners.

Relevant European Safety Directives are applied where appropriate, giving further assurance that your engineer to order equipment is of the high standard that you expect and require from all your Norbar products.

If you have a unique or bespoke requirement that cannot be catered for using standard Norbar product then please enquire about the Engineer to Order service to discuss your requirements. If you have an existing application then please complete the QA7a form to provide Norbar with details of your requirements.

The list below is not exhaustive but a broad example of projects previously delivered.

E. T. 01295 753 600

Projects (2016 - 2020)

Example Projects

NorTronic electronic torque wrench with extension for 500 N.m
 Q4818 / 4611 / 3166  Dec 2019
Extended reach torque wrenches  Q4102 / 4367  July 2018
Model 5 P and Integral Spanner  Q1386  10 Feb 2010

Spanner Ends
45mm Flare end thin wall spanner end with 9 x 12mm male spigot  Q5043  Mar 2021
14 & 17mm AF hex keys with extension & dual 22mm spigots  Q4776.05+.06  Aug 2020
Special spanner end for KM8 locknut  Q4471  Aug 2018
Cranked spanner end with 1/2" square drive ratchet & 16mm spigot  Q3603  19 Nov 2015
Gas cylinder valve torque verification  Q3379  22 Oct 2015
Hexagon Key Spanner Ends with 16mm Spigot  Q2163  20 Jun 2011
Special Torque Wrench Kits for Military Aircraft Maintenance  Q1873  10 Dec 2010
Special Rapid Jaw Spanner End  Q2008  03 Nov 2010
Special 75mm Hook spanner end with 16mm spigot  Q1990  02 Aug 2010
Special Ring Spanner End  Q1974  28 Jun 2010 
Cranked Ring Spanner  Q1771  14 Jan 2010
Hook & Peg Spanners  Q1826  04 Jan 2010

Class 4-5 Subsea torque multiplier  Q4636.02 Feb 2021
Class 4-6 & 4-7 (long & short) Subsea torque multiplier kit  Q4636.01 Feb 2021
Custom class 7 multiplier kit with hydraulic latching  Q3730  Aug 2016
HT9/25 with special reaction & drive socket  Q3559  30 Nov 2015
Class 4 to 9,500 N.m Subsea torque multiplier for pipe clamps  Q3306 / 7
 21 Oct 2015
Class 4 to 6,000 N.m right angle torque multiplier  Q2967 + Q3106
 30 Jul 2015
Class 6 & 7 Multiplier kits for customer integration into subsea tool  Q3084  29 Jul 2015
HT30/25 with Quick Release Lifting Assembly
 Q3176  24 Nov 2014
Special HT9 / 25 & No 9 Annular Transducer Assembly  Q2541  08 Aug 2013
HT9 / 25 Special with 4:1 Output Gear Train Kit  Q2605  25 July 2013
HT12 with 14.1:1 Velocity Ratio  Q1909  10 July 2012
Special HT-72 52.5:1 Torque Multiplier  Q2420.01 + Q2457  28 May 2012
Twin Linked HandTorque® HT3 Assembly  Q2406  03 Feb 2012
HandTorque® 3.5:1 Subsea Special  Q1952  15 Sept 2010
HandTorque® 15:1 Subsea Special  Q1937  14 Sept 2010
HandTorque® HT11/5 Special  Q1949  25 Jun 2010
HandTorque® HT2/15 Special  Q1709  13 May 2010

Special 19mm A/F Hexagon Output Drive for PTM-72  Q2784  17 Dec 2015
TrukTorque heavy duty, 1,000 N.m, 1” square drive  Q3412  22 Oct 2015
PneuTorque PT-72 fitted with special torque reaction  Q2612 / 19 / 20  21 Oct 2013
PT9 MTS fitted with API Class 5 Nose Extension  Q2608  25 July 2013
PT13 MTS fitted with API Class 7 Short Nose Extension  Q2375  13 Apr 2012
PT17 with Special Torque Reaction & 6" Square Drive  Q2054  01 Feb 2012
Exhaust Extraction Port For PTM-52-800  Q1911a  02 Aug 2010
Reduced Speed PTM-52-800  Q1911b  02 Aug 2010

ET2 with remote control panel & separate trigger switch  Q4523 Jan 2019
Lifting bracket for ET-92 vertical use
23 Jun 2016

Special reaction for off-highway vehicle axle bolting  Q4805  April 2020
Cranked sliding reaction for use with PTS-119-7000  Q4780  Dec 2019
Reaction with fixed long reach slave tube to fit PTM-52-500  Q4789  Dec 2019
Special reaction & drive adaption for EBT-2700  Q4725  Nov 2019
Reaction to fit EBT-72-1359 for tri-bolting application  Q4753  Sept 2019
ET2-119-6000 kit with special reactions, sockets & lifting bracket  Q4699  Sept 2019
Train gearbox assembly / maintenance  Q4609  Aug 2019
Torque Reactions for use on Speedloc II Clamps  Q - various  May 2019
Pivoting reaction & nut arrest tool for use with ET2-80-2700  Q4613  Feb 2019
PTM-72-2000 with Aluminium tube reaction & bolt retention  Q4411  Dec 2018
Double sided flat reaction for Class 4 receptacle / ET2-92-4000  Q4557  Nov 2018
Set of special reactions to fit PTS-92-4000 for Locomotive use  Q4463  Oct 2018
PTS-72-1350 based kit with special attachments  Q4337  Oct 2018
Tower crane reactions to fit ET-92-4000 + ET-119-6000  Q3767 / 4397  May 2018
Special reaction & socket for HT-72-2000  Q4292  Mar 2018
Stainless steel double sided flat reaction to fit 72-1000 remote tool  Q4333  Dec 2017
Special reactions & output drives to fit PTS-72-2000  Q4290  Dec 2017
Custom reactions for PT / HT 7 & 9  Q - various  July 2017
Curved sliding reaction for commercial vehicle wheel nuts  Q3517  7 Aug 2015
Mill liner reaction arm to fit PTM-119-6000    Q3487  7 Aug 2015
Reaction with fixed slave socket to fit PTM-52-800  Q2805  10 Dec 2014
Extended Torque Reactions to fit PTM - 52 - 800
 Q3216  28 Nov 2014
Sliding Reaction for 2 x PTM - 72 - 2000 Tools
 Q2908  28 Nov 2014
Topside Pipe Clamp Actuation Tool with Type 72A Interface
 Q3244  13 Nov 2014
Special Stainless Steel Torque Reaction to fit HT - 52/22
 Q2692  06 Oct 2014
Special Triple Sided Reaction to fit PTM - 52 - 800
 29 Sep 2014
ISO 13628 Class 4 Reaction Nose for Topside Testing
 Q2693  29 Sep 2014
Straight Sliding Reaction to fit PT 11
 Q2539  29 Sep 2014
Boeing Undercarriage Torque Tightening Kit  Q2704  21 Oct 2013
Curved Sliding Reaction to fit PTM-52 for Wheel Nuts  Q2798  09 Aug 2013
Saw Machine Cutter Torque Tightening  Q2269  17 Oct 2011
Special Long Reaction for PTM-72-2000  Q1921  21 Jun 2010
Sliding Reaction for PT9  Q1923  17 May 2010
Double Sided Reaction for PT2  Q1910  26 Apr 2010

Nose Extension
Long Reach Nose Extension & Reaction  Q1705  22 Feb 2010

Torque & angle valve testing kit with pneumatic drives  Q4881  June 2020
Torque & angle valve testing kit with AC servo drives  Q4835 / 4835.01/2  Feb 2020
 Pneumatic Tool Shut-Off Controller with Valve Testing Functions  Q4673  20 Aug 2019
 AC Servo Drive and Pneumatic Drive Valve Testing Controls Kits  Q4325 / Q4746  19 Aug 2019

Offset Gearbox
Offset gearbox to fit PTS-72-2000 for Train traction links  Q4191  Dec 2017
Offset gearbox for PTM-52  Q3949  Dec 2016
Offset Gearbox for Steel Blast Furnace Maintenance  Q2567  25 July 2013
Offset Gearbox for Dredging Pipe Flange Bolt Tightening  Q2281  21 Dec 2011

Offset Gearbox and Special Reaction

 Q1698  05 Jan 2010

Special 150,000 N·m Static Torque Transducer  Q2020.LOG  29 Mar 2012
20,000 & 50,000 N·m Harsh Environment Annular Transducers  Q2277/9.LOG  02 Feb 2012

Cassette type reaction plates for 7,000 N.m tool rundown test rigs  Q3770  21 Jun 2016
Portable 25.000 lbf.ft hydraulic tool calibration kit  Q3486  21 Oct 2015


Special USM Pencil Probe Q2408 21 Jun 2016

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