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Norbar Catalogue

English Deutsch


Feb 18

    Torque Wrench Section

English Deutsch
07437.18 Feb 18

    Multiplier Section

English Deutsch
07437.18 Feb 18

    Measurement & Calibration Section

English Deutsch
07437.18 Feb 18


Engineer to Order for the Oil and Gas Industry Catalogue

English 07557 Sep 13

   Right Angle Gearbox Leaflet     English  07585  Nov 17
   Torque Wrench Calibrator Datasheet    English  07583 Aug 17 
  PneuTorque® PTS Leaflet   English  07581  May 17
  2R/2AR Leaflet   English  07580  Mar 17

HandTorque® HT3-1000 Leaflet
 07579 Jan 17


NorTorque®  Leaflet

English   07571 Oct 16

EvoTorque®2 Leaflet

English 07570
Jun 16


ClickTronic Torque Wrench Leaflet

English 07536
Jan 16


New Professional Torque Wrench Leaflet

English 07563
Mar 15


NorTronic® Leaflet 
English 07436 Feb 14


T-Box XL™ Leaflet
English 07560 Jun 14


Oil & Gas Leaflet

English 07510 Apr 12

  Oil & Gas Data Sheets


Mining & Refining Leaflet

English 07511 Mar 10


Aerospace Leaflet

English  Français

07512 Jan 11


Manufacturing & Assembly Leaflet

English 07513 May 10


Transportation Leaflet

English 07514 Oct 10


Energy Generation Leaflet

English 07515 Jun 11


Hydraulic Tool Calibration Fixture data sheet

  English 07545
 Aug 15


ISO 3000 Motorised Torque Wrench Loader data sheet
English 07566
Jul 15


Hydraulic Torque Wrench data sheet - NHC Series (Imperial)
Jul 15


Hydraulic Torque Wrench data sheet - NHC Series (Metric)

Jul 15


Hydraulic Torque Wrench data sheet - NSD Series

 07564 Apr 15


'HandTorque' Multiplier 'Compact Series' data sheet
English 07559 Jun 14


'HandTorque' Multiplier & Torque Wrench Kits data sheet
English 07558 Mar 14


TTf  Fixed Head Torque Wrench data sheet

English 07549  Feb 12


Insulated Torque Wrench data sheet

English 07550 Feb 12


Non Magnetic Torque Wrench data sheet

English 07535 Mar 18


'HandTorque' Multiplier with Integral Torque Transducer data sheet

English 07547 Feb 12


'TrukTorque' Pneumatic Multiplier

English 07529 Oct 10


'TruCheck' Instrument

English 07430 Dec 08


USM-3 Instrument

English 07554
Dec 13



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