Norbar Launches Hydraulic Wrench TestersNorbar Torque Tools has launched a new range of products for testing hydraulic torque wrenches from 250 N.m up to 80,000 N.m. Comprised of a Hydraulic Tool Calibration Fixture and a Transducer, which link to a Torque Measuring Instrument, these devices will accurately calibrate both square drive and hexagon link torque wrenches.

The Hydraulic Wrench Testers will be invaluable to a variety of end users, such as:

  • Organisations with many hydraulic wrenches wishing to avoid the costs and potential delays of using a calibration sub-contractor.
  • Tool hire companies needing to ensure that their wrenches are calibrated before being hired out for a job.
  • Calibration and tool repair companies or laboratories specialising in providing expert calibration services.

The wide use of hydraulic torque wernhes in industries such as petrochemicals mining and wind energy coupled wit the ever increasing demands for calibration traceability from industry and regulatory authorities make the availablity of these Testers highly relevant.

Hydraulic torque wrenches use either square drive or hollow hexagonal link outputs, so Norbar has produced a wide range of hex to square drive adaptors to ensure that their test potsare compatible with most hydraulic torque wrenches. The three versions of Norbar Hydraulic Tool Calibration Fixtures have capacities of 7,000 N.m, 50,000 N.m and 80,000 N.m respectively and are compatible with a range of Norbar transducers extending from 1 1/2 inch up to 3 1/2" square drives. Transducer capacity ranges are from 250 - 2,500 N.mup to 8,000 - 80,000 N.m. The lightweight and compact design is easy to transport and the built in bench or deck mount points provide operational flexibility.

Philip Brodey, Sales & Marketing Director of Norbar, comments: "This is the first time that Norbar has produced an off-the-shelf range of products for testing hydraulic torque wrenches. These test pots are compact and robust and enable optimum performance to be achieved from this important torque product group. Users also have the assurance of traceabliity, which is essential for confirming that a torque tool is producing the required torque".

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