Cyclists Go for Norbar Torque QualityCyclists have become keen customers for Norbar’s TT20 torque wrenches, available through

Norbar’s Sales & Marketing Director Philip Brodey, a cycling enthusiast himself, said that the TT20 is a ‘must have’ wrench for the cyclist.  “Having a torque range from 1 to 20 N·m it covers the majority of safety critical fasteners on the bike.  In fact, just about the only bolts that it will not do are the crank bolts.  Check the manual, but depending on the bike you will need around 40 to 50 N·m for these components. Our suggestion would be to go for a TT150 in addition to the TT20 and you will be able to check your car wheel nuts as well!

Norbar Torque Tools are one of the largest torque tool manufacturers in the world and still proudly design and manufacture our tools in our Banbury factory.  Many of us are also keen cyclists and cycle to work in the summer months.  When it comes to bikes and torque wrenches, we know what we are talking about.”

Old ‘bedstead’ bikes were generally easy and quite inexpensive to fix and an over torqued bolt might result in a stripped thread, simply requiring a trip down to the local bike shop or ironmonger. Philip explained that those days of easy and cheap maintenance are over. 

A revolution has taken place is in the materials used in cycle manufacture.  Heavy steel frames and components have been replaced by aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium and ultra thin section steel tubing.  Bikes that are as light as those currently ridden in the Tour de France are now within reach of many amateur racers and keen leisure cyclists.

“My bike has the required torque stamped on all of the critical components and you ignore them at your peril!” he said. “Clamp down too hard on your beautiful carbon bars and you will crack them.  Insufficient tension in the bolts may result in the bars moving in the clamp.  This is just one example of many critical torque joints on the modern bike.”

Given the expense of purchasing the high tech bike of today, it is worth obtaining a really good quality torque wrench to ensure that these joints are fastened correctly. Norbar wrenches are accurate to within +/-3%, exceeding international standards, and are backed up with a calibration certificate uniquely tied to each wrench by serial number.  This means that cyclists can have complete confidence in the work they are doing with the wrench.

Norbar Torque Tools have a widespread reputation throughout industry for their engineering quality and manufacturing expertise. The opportunity created by online sales through Amazon has meant that their precision solutions are now available to the cycling enthusiasts everywhere.

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