Testing Time for Torque Screwdrivers

Norbar Torque Tools is expanding its TruCheck™ range of torque wrench testers with the introduction of three new products specifically designed to calibrate torque screwdrivers. The new Norbar TruCheck™ Screwdriver Testers will allow operators to perform quick and simple calibration checks from easy-to-read LED displays without the need to call on third party calibration services, saving both time and expense.

Accurate to +/- 1% of reading, the easy-to-operate Norbar TruCheck™ Screwdriver Testers are ideal for performing line side checks on torque tools in the electronics, automotive and engineering sectors.  Features include:

  • 0.1-3 N∙m with a vertical tool input for easy screwdriver testing
  • 1-10 N∙m with a vertical tool input for easy screwdriver testing
  • 1-25 N∙m provided with a horizontal tool input and supplied with ¼ and 3/8 inch adapters, so that it can be also used to test small torque wrenches

In common with other tools in the TruCheck™ range, the all three new Screwdriver Testers come in a basic TruCheck™ version and an enhanced TruCheck™ Plus option, which includes all the capacities of the standard models but with three modes of operation – Track, Peak and First Peak in both metric and imperial measurements. TruCheck™ Plus also has a user selectable ‘limit’ feature and an RS232 serial data output including lead.

Further innovations for these TruCheck™ products are:

  •  Newly designed housings of machined aluminium
  •  ¼ inch male hexagon tool interface
  •  Work-bench mounting via two M6 bolts

Norbar TruCheck™ Screwdriver Testers are also ideal for testing Norbar’s own newly launched TruTorque™ range and low capacity torque wrenches. 

Norbar’s Philip Brodey comments: “Following the long standing principle of providing a high level of support with our products, Norbar is once again giving users the means to ensure that their tools will perform with 100% efficiency, accuracy and safety.”

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