New Torque Extension App from NorbarNorbar Torque Tools has released a new App as a free iPhone and Android download.  Based on Norbar’s online Torque Wrench Extension Calculator at, the new App will calculate what value you need to set on a torque wrench to achieve the desired level of torque when the wrench is extended. Putting an extension on a torque wrench increases the level of torque being applied to a fastener – the longer the wrench, the greater the torque.

With instructions available in English, French, German and Spanish, the Norbar Torque Wrench Extension Calculator App will be an invaluable international tool, providing instant and useful calculations as guidelines for engineering professionals, students and apprentices and any other sector where setting accurate torque measurement is a priority.

Based in Banbury UK, Norbar Torque Tools the world’s leading specialist in the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. Norbar has established branches in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore and has recently launched a new branch in India.  The company’s manufacturing experience and technical expertise has made this new App easy to access and simple to use by engineers, scientists and technologists worldwide.

Late last year, Norbar launched another free App on iPhone and Android Systems that offers instant conversion across a full range of SI, Metric and Imperial Units. To date it has been downloaded 3,328 times.

Philip Brodey, Director of Norbar, said that providing apps relating to torque measurement and control gave engineers useful tools they could use anywhere and anytime. “Flexibility of use is vital in many working environments and for projects in the field. Mobile devices have provided tremendous scope for the creation of apps to support business and industry.”

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