Norbar Launches Torque Screwdrivers

An important development in torque tools has taken place with the launch of an innovative range of Norbar Torque Screwdrivers. The selection includes adjustable tools providing exceptional flexibility of use and also fixed torque versions, ‘P’ Types, that have been designed for the production environment and pre-set for specific workplace demands.

These new Norbar products are safe, easy-to-use and extraordinarily accurate, to better than the International Standard. They offer high performance capabilities for dealing with a wide range of precision tasks requiring sensitive and safe screw connection. These include:

  • Electronic assembly
  • Automotive applications such as assembling crash sensors. Inertia reel fixtures, airbags and interior trim
  • Fitting cutting tool inserts
  • All Adjustable tools are supplied with traceable calibration certificates.

Further features and benefits:

  • Easy torque adjustment without need of additional tools
  • All tools feature a lock to prevent the accidental adjustment of the set torque
  • Tool ‘slip action’ occurs when required torque level is reached, avoiding over-tightening
  • All screwdrivers supplied with ¼ inch hexagon bit holder using a 4mm hexagon stem
  • For maximum versatility and particularly for applications with limited access, the bit holder can be removed and replaced with widely available screwdriver blades
  • Comfortable, durable handle, constructed from a strong base material covered with a soft overlay for comfort and slip resistance.

Philip Brodey, Director of Norbar, comments: “The new screwdrivers are an invaluable addition to our range. Accurate, robust and reliable, they expand the potential of applying torque measurement principles to the most precise and delicate applications.

Norbar TruCheckTM Screwdriver Testers

Norbar has introduced three new products specifically designed to calibrate torque screwdrivers, applicable to both its own products and those of other manufacturers. Accurate to +/-1% of reading, Norbar TruCheckTM Screwdriver Testers allow operators to perform quick and simple calibration checks from easy-to-read LED displays without the need to call on third party calibration services, saving both time and expense.

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