On the 27th of June last year Norbar Shanghai’s calibration laboratory was recognized by CNAS accreditation. This joins China’s calibration laboratory with Norbar’s global group of nationally accredited labs. It also means that Norbar Shanghai’s calibration laboratory is recognised by the other countries’ accreditation bodies.

Our calibration laboratory has the same accreditation level as the Chinese provincial measurement institutes; we can now calibrate 1-1000N.m torque wrenches and create calibration certificates. We have also received ILAC & TAF accreditation. Norbar Shanghai’s calibration laboratory can calibrate torque multipliers, displays and transducers and is the first professional lab in Chinese hardware, as the calibration laborator has been established by the company itself.

We have finished the first step of 1-1000N.m CNAS torque wrench loader certification, but are now working on obtaining CNAS certification for all items in the lab. Once we have obtained CNAS certification, we will be able to offer customers the calibration service of torque multipliers and more. We hope to offer customers the calibration service of displays, transducers and others in the future.

Accreditation by CNAS would gain the support of the Chinese hardware industry for Norbar Shanghai, and would also make Norbar Shanghai the first Chinese company within the torque industry to gain such accreditation.

Norbar China’s Calibration Lab was modelled on the UKAS accredition lab in Banbury. It also follows the procedures set out by Banbury. All of our emplyees have passed the occupational qualification examination, and we work to strict laboratory regulations and calibration standards.

From ILAC & TAF certification to CNAS certification, Norbar Shanghai’s calibration laboratory maintains its focus on quality through everything we do. CNAS certification is a great result for Norbar Shanghai’s calibration laboratory, and we look forward to the next stage!


Shirley Lee, Marketing Commissioner, Norbar Torque Tools (Shaghai) Ltd