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Introduction to Torque Part 5

Torque Conversion Factors

Introduction to Torque Part 4

Recommended Maximum Torque Values

Introduction to Torque Part 3

Why should bolts be tightened to yield?

Annual Apprentice Awards Evening 2019

Well done Arron & Joe!

Introduction to Torque Part 2

Introduction to Torque part 2 -  learn more about Friction in a Bolted Joint

Introduction to Torque Part 1

What is Torque?

Careers Open Evening 2019

Over 50 guests came to see us which allowed Norbar staff to spend more quality time talking to parents, potential apprentices and employees about careers in engineering.

Review of 2018

Reflecting on 2018 my first thought was “hard work, a year best left behind”. However, as I looked back through my notes I realised how wrong my first reflection was. True, we did have to work hard and there were some setbacks but actually there were some spectacular successes as well. This is how the year went.

RCI Wrap up

During October, Norbar held its 4th Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) workshop and the 3rd this year.

5 new teams looking to improve 5 key processes

Revisiting the BS EN ISO 6789:2017 standard

It’s been nearly a year since the revised BS EN ISO 6789:2017 standard was released. With this in mind, Philip Brodey, Sales Director at Norbar Torque Tools, the first laboratory in the world to be accredited to perform hand torque calibrations to the standard, explores the key changes, and also some of the challenges these have brought.

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