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Cyclists Go for Norbar Torque Quality

Norbar’s Sales & Marketing Director Philip Brodey, a cycling enthusiast himself, said that the TT20 is a ‘must have’ wrench for the cyclist.  “Having a torque range from 1 to 20 N·m it covers the majority of safely critical fasteners on the bike.  In fact, just about the only bolts that it will not do are the crank bolts.  Check the manual, but depending on the bike you will need around 40 to 50 N·m for these components. Our suggestion would be to go for a TT150 in addition to the TT20 and you will be able to check your car wheel nuts as well!

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Ultrasonic Moscow Gold for Norbar

The USM-3 ultrasonic bolt meter, manufactured by Norbar Torque Tools has won a gold medal at the recent MetrolExpo show in Moscow. This is a leading event for metrology, the science of measurement, and the award was presented "for high quality accuracy of measurement, ease of use, storage and retrieval of data."

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HSE Confirms Norbar Multiplier's Good Vibrations

Recent Tests carried out by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) have demonstrated that vibration exposure for operators using pneumatic torque multipliers to tighten 100 commercial vehicle wheel nuts was 10 times lower than when traditional impact wrenches are used. The Norbar Pneutorque PTM-72-1350-B and one other multiplier were subjected to lab and field tests by the HSE and both tools confirmed the manufacturers claims of low vibration emissions.

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More from Norbar Torque Checkers

New Torque Wrench Testers operating up to 20 N·m and 2000 N·m have recently been added to the popular TruCheckTM range from Norbar Torque Tools, which has proved invaluable for repair shops, including those handling heavy duty vehicles such as trucks and buses, plus a range of industrial applications.

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UKAS Acknowledges Norbar Expertise

The Norbar Torque Tools calibration laboratory in Banbury, Oxfordshire has achieved an extended level of endorsement from the government recognised United Kingdom Accreditation Service, being awarded UKAS accreditation for performing calibrations to 108,000 N·m of torque under BS7882:2008.

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