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100 Rotary TD, 1/4" sq. dr., Imp & Imp, mV/V (obsolete)

(Obsolete) mV/V Rotary Transducer, 100, 1/4" square drive, Impact & Impulse

mV/V Rotary Transducer, 100, 1/4" square drive, Impact & Impulse
500 Rotary Transducer

The Norbar ETS and DTS display systems are complemented by a wide range of Rotary Transducers. Using slip ring technology, these transducers will accurately measure the torque output delivered by an impact or impulse power tool at up to 3000 rpm.

Part number: 50283.ETS
EAN Bar Code: 
NATO number: 
Accuracy: See Text
Operates between:
10.0 - 100.0 lbf·in

    Technical Specification
  • Weight: 0.32 Kg
  • Temp Range Operating: -10°C to +50°C
  • Temp Range Storage: -20°C to +70°C
  • Thermal Effect On Span: < +/- 0.03%/°C
  • Thermal Effect On Zero: < +/- 0.01%/°C
  • Torsional Deflection: < 1°
  • Fatigue: > 10 exp 7 cycles
  • Drive 1: 1/4" Male
  • Drive 2: 1/4" Female
  • Max Torsion Capacity: 150%
  • Designed to ignore non torsional forces.
  • Classified to BS7882:2008, typically better than Class 1 for the primary classification range (+/-0.5% of reading).
  • Robust heat treated alloy steel torsion shaft design.
  • Male/Female square drives allow for in line operation. 1/4" hexagon drives also available up to 10 N·m/lbf·ft.
  • Bi-directional calibration available (Anti-clockwise calibration provided on request).
  • Available calibrated in N·m, lbf·ft and lbf·in. Other units available on request.

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Norbar products are manufactured in the factory in Banbury, England. The factory's ISO 9001 certification is key to providing good customer service worldwide.


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